Having Trouble With Depth Perception With Regular Sunglasses?

In the past few years, yellow lens glasses have made quite a comeback. They gained their popularity in the sixties and seventies but seemed to disappear from the fashion scene during the eighties. Yellow lens glasses are not just a happy fun color to sport when wearing glasses, but they also serve a purpose.

It has been shown in studies that yellow tinted glasses block UV and blue light wich helps increase depth perception and provides better visual clarity than traditional tinted lenses. If you wear yellow lenses during the day you might notice that objects seem more defined and clear which is perfect for driving and sports where depth perception really matters.

It is also said that looking through the yellow lenses can also improve your mood. Colors that you see can affect the way that you feel and yellow is a feel good color. With all this being said it might be worth a trying to wear yellow lens glasses. There are plenty of styles and brands available and they also come in all price ranges.